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Aspen API. Peptides

At our site in Aspen Oss, the Netherlands, we have established extensive experience and a solid reputation of producing cGMP peptides with batch to batch reproducibility combined with high yields and high purity profiles. We have extensive know-how and experience in both solution and solid-phase synthesis. In addition, we have a green method for the large-scale manufacturing of peptides in solution (GREEN CONTINUOUS LPPS).

Our peptide capabilities

  • For synthesis manufacturing, we have stainless steel and glass-lined reactors ranging from 100 to 1500 liters
  • Extensive know-how and experience in both LPPS & SPPS
  • In-house green continuous method for large-scale manufacturing in solution (GREEN CONTINUOUS LPPS)
  • For purification we use ion exchange chromatography and reverse-phase preparative HPLC columns up to 45 cm in diameter
  • Final isolation is achieved using tray lyophilizers with a capacity up to 100 liters

Our green answer to peptide synthesis

We have developed a in-house method for green and large scale manufacturing of peptides in a solution called Green Continuous Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (GREEN CONTINUOUS LPPS). GREEN CONTINUOUS LPPS combines the advantages of the classical solution-phase synthesis with the solid-phase approach, and is characterized by the fact that intermediates are not isolated. This enables a highly efficient synthesis method that is easy to scale up and yield products of reproducible high purity.

Our peptide products

Key Product Development ParametersDetermined byGREEN CONTINUOUS LPPSLPPSSPPS
Time-to-marketRoute developmentAmenable to a generic protocol
Scale-up & validationHomogeneous synthesis/ –
Cycle timesNo isolations/High throughput
MaterialsReagent excess minimized
Minimal side-chain protection / –
No solid support
Product quality
High purityNo insertion sequences
No deletion sequences
No side-chain reactions
ReproducibilityReproducible isolationsn.a.n.a.
Reproducible supportsn.a.n.a.
Enviromental demandsOrganic waste streamsNo Solvent changes
No organic washings
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