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Nieké van Gils, Jr. scientist at Aspen API on international women’s day.

Nieké van Gils, Jr. scientist at Aspen API on international women’s day.

Published 7 Mar 2024

Working on innovations to precisely meet the customer’s needs. For Junior Scientist Nieké van Gils, it’s absolutely exciting and challenging. She enjoys her job at Aspen API:

“An interesting field of research, plenty of variety, and lots of opportunities to develop myself. No days are the same, and every day I learn something new!”

Nieké van Gils, Jr. scientist

After having finished her Master’s internship at Aspen API, Nieké, specialized in solid-state chemistry, continued working for Aspen API. She began as a Chemical Engineer, and since October 2022, she has been contributing her skills at the Development and Technical Support department (DTS), showcasing the company’s commitment to fostering talent.

From her own experience, Nieké underscores the significance of companies investing in internships. She believes these opportunities not only provide valuable insights but also serve as a gateway to potential future employees. Drawing from her own experiences, Nieké recognizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the ever-evolving field.

Young Aspen
At the age of 27, Nieké is an active member of Young Aspen, a platform designed to attract and retain young talent. She highlights the benefits of connecting with peers, discussing shared challenges, and engaging in collaborative efforts. Young Aspen’s impact lies in its ability to foster connections, creating a supportive environment for growth.

Room to grow
One of the key factors that make Aspen API an empowering workplace for Nieké is the freedom to continuously develop herself. In her current role, she feels there is ample room for personal and professional growth. Nieké emphasizes her ongoing efforts, such as pursuing a Green Belt project aimed at reducing process times Aspen API.

As she reflects on her journey, Nieké recognizes the vital role played by every employee within Aspen API.

Everybody is offering quality, offering added value. In all jobs, at all levels. Great to have so many different types of jobs within Aspen, in which everybody can use their skills”.

Nieké van Gils, Jr. scientist

On this International Women’s Day, Nieké van Gils stands as a testament to the importance of inclusivity, continuous learning, and empowerment in the workplace. Her story echoes the broader narrative of women making significant contributions across various fields, driving innovation, and shaping the future.

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