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Aspen API’s new Scanning Electron Microscope

Published 12 Apr 2021

Do you want to discover how our brand-new Scanning Electron Microscope is providing development solutions for our customers? Then be sure to continue reading…

Recently we replaced our SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope with a brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment. The new SEM is able to zoom in up to 200.000 times and measures up to the finest details the polymorphism of our APIs.

Our enthusiastic solid state expert Laura Spix explains:

“Besides being able to quickly provide support during the production of our APIs, the SEM also provides -solid state characterization solutions for our customers. In a recent project with a newly introduced API, the new SEM proved itself. Despite meeting the specifications, our API seemed to behave different in the Drug Product formulation from the API from the previous supplier. The SEM helped us to quickly identify the root cause and take measures to ensure that our API now fits into our customer’s Drug Product. Really a true example of providing the ultimate solution in collaboration with our customer.”

The Development Solutions that Aspen API offers is one of our greatest assets. Learn on how Aspen API can add excellence to your project and contact us.

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